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We are an enthusiastic team of people who develop, create, and produce loudspeakers for voice evacuation, public address and BGM purposes for last 20 years. Through our long-time experience we’ve developed high quality of our products. Our company is located in the south of Poland, in the heart of Europe. 

Moreover, we are a group of people connected with voice evacuation system line of business for many years, aware of market solutions and regulations coming from European standards. Our solutions, defined as certified, are complying European standards, based on tests and CPR/CPD documents issued by notified European Institutes within EN 54-24. Major part of them is tested for much more higher requirements that are on the level of British Standard and Polish one (more than 400 C temperature test, closed housing, ceramic block, thermal fuse). Part of our products was also certified for UAE market. 

We create installer friendly loudspeakers, having easy and quick mounting in mind. In consequence, we are very flexible and quick in fulfilling your specified requirements and we are ready to create products following your designs and suggestions. Special bracketing, assembling, housing, and different colors painting are not a problem, as creating new solutions and meeting our customers’ needs is our passion. 

If you have any requirements – let’s talk. You are invited to contact us – we’re at your disposal.