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DEL 165/6-A/B PP ceiling A/B-line 2 x 6W loudspeaker is ideal for both music and voice evacuation announcements. It is equipped with two independent full-range speakers and 100V transformers to enable operation of 2 separate speaker lines in one loudspeaker enclosure. Due to its good classical design and high quality finish, it would be used in variety of applications such as office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, schools, etc. From the security point of view, this solution ensures the highest standard – in case of one speaker failure, the second one will ensure the same independent operation. The connection unit has two 3-pin ceramic terminal blocks with thermal fuses. The loudspeaker is painted in standard RAL 9010, but any other RAL color is available as an option. 2 meter metal safe rope capping is available as an option as well. This loudspeaker is offered in PP1 version as well – instead of ceramic block and thermal fuse it is equipped just with a 2-pin plastic connection blocks.