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Sound projectors the DAW-K 130/10 PP series, made from ABS, are ideal solution for both music and voice evacuation announcements. This series is recommended for warehouses, logistic halls, tunnels, corridors. With high IP 54 protection rate this loudspeaker is perfect solution also for humid areas and spaces where more weather resistance is required. DAW-K 130/10 PP is equipped with a 130 mm full-range speaker with 100 V transformer, includes ceramic block and the thermal fuse. Furthermore the mounting of the sound projector series is very comfortable due to the swivel-slope-technique of the U-mounting bracket. The loudspeaker is painted in standard RAL 9010, but any other RAL color is available as an option. This loud­speaker is optionally offered in PP1 version – it means instead of ceramic block and thermal fuse it is equipped just with a plastic connection block (5x2).

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