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Bi-directional A/B-line sound projector - the DAD 260/10-A/B PP series is an ideal solution for both music and voice evacuation announcements. Due to its directional characteristics, it is recommended for circulation routes. DAD 260/10-A/B PP is equipped with two independent full-range 130mm 10W speakers and 100V transformers to enable operation of 2 separate speaker lines in one loudspeaker enclosure. The powder-coated aluminum guarantees a high corrosion resistance. Mounting of this sound projector is very comfortable due to the stable aluminum foot with a width of 20 cm, under which connection blocks are hidden. The loudspeaker is painted in standard RAL 9010, but any other RAL color is available as an option. DAD 260/10-A/B is optionally offered in PP1 version – it means instead of ceramic block and thermal fuse it is equipped just with a plastic connection block.